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About RCD Capital & RCD Properties

RCD Capital and RCD Properties is a Financial and Real Estate Technology Based Company. We provide consumers with the education, flexibility, and services needed to achieve their Financial and Real Estate needs. We work with First-Time Home Buyers, Veterans, those who need to refinance their mortgages, as well as those who wish to Purchase and Sell their home.

RCD Capital makes it easy for businesses to obtain Working Capital Loans to fund for inventory, marketing, new equipment, payroll, office expansions, and much more. We were founded on the principle that lending is critical to every business and essential to buying a home.


RCD Capital and RCD Properties is not your typical Financial and Real Estate Company. We have a unique culture here that is both professional and reserved. We have two core values here at RCD Capital and RCD Properties…

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Our Team

Our Team at RCD Capital and RCD Properties is comprised of individuals from an array of backgrounds. With 50+ years of combined experience in the real estate and finance industries, we are prepared to handle any obstacle. We worked through the housing market crash of 2008. From what we have experienced. There is no situation we cannot handle.

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We are a growing company searching for talented individuals to join our team. Contact us today to learn about positions that are currently available.

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Become A Partner

RCD Capital and RCD Properties offers the opportunity for qualified businesses, and non-profit organizations to become partners in joint ventures, and public events.


RCD Capital and RCD Properties is streamlining the Financial and Real Estate Industry from Business Loans, Home Loans to Selling and Purchasing a home.

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