30 Year Mortgage for Rentals

For 1-4 units, multi-family (5+), and mix-use properties.
$50,000 – $25,000,000 Loan Amount Up to 80% of the Purchase Price Low Doc 30-year fixed rate, amortized 30 years
Starting at 3.85% APR Up 75% LTV on Refinance Cash Out 650 Minimum Credit Score

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The market for a reverse mortgage for Texas is one of the largest. We Offer A Low Doc Mortgage For A 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate, Amortized Over 30 Years. Our Low Doc Asset-Based Mortgage Is Used For Non-Owner Occupied Residential Or Commercial Rental Properties. We Can Go Up To 80% Of The Purchase Price And Up To 75% LTV (As-Is Value) On Refinance Cash Out. This Is For 1-4 Units, Multi-Family (5+), Or Mix-Use Properties. Rates Start At 3.85% APR. Final Rate Depends on How The Property Will Be Cash Flowing, Buy Down Rate Desired, And Credit Score. 650 Is A Minimum Credit Score (Can Have A Co-Signer). We Also Have A Low Doc Portfolio Loan Program, 30 Year Fixed Rate With A 30 Year Amortization. Points/Origination Fee Can Be As Low As 1%. No W2, No Tax Returns, No Paystubs, And No DTI Requirements. Perfect For Our Clients Who Are Self-Employed, Clients Who Don’t Have A Strong W2, And Clients Who Need To Close Quickly. Non-Recourse Options Available For Portfolio Loans.

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