Become a Partner

RCD Capital prides itself on building and sustaining relationships and growing its network of partners with one important shared goal: to offer an exceptional and unmatched experience to real estate investors. Long-term partnerships with mortgage brokers and consultants are the lifeblood of our business.

We communicate, coordinate, and execute contracts with mortgage consultants and brokers daily, resulting in meaningful and lifelong professional relationships. Are you a mortgage broker or consultant who works with real estate investors? If yes, our dedicated and reliable wholesale channel will undoubtedly help you improve your bottom line.

As one of the leading private financial lenders, our goal is to simplify and streamline your process, offer you expeditious transactions and decisions, and structure optimal real estate deals that meet your needs and the needs of your clients.

We are excellent as we help our partners remain competitive in the market through customer-focused and innovative products. By combining digital expertise and human insight, we transform private lending as we know it.

You can use our partner program to pass savings along to your customer base and earn handsome compensation from referred customers.

Ready to Become a Partner?

Connect with us today to know more about how you can qualify as a partner. You can join our partner program by filling out our partner program contact form.