Investor Relations

RCD Capital is a growth-oriented real estate lender that employs a relationship-based funding strategy in order to execute our mission of delivering financing to real estate investors and professionals.

We are a customer-focused real estate lending company with a team of enthusiastic and experienced experts who put in every effort, ensuring a long-term and fruitful relationship with all our clients. RCD Capital offers short-term (usually 12 months to 36 months), non-banking loans (often known as “hard money" loans) to real estate investors and professionals to fund their acquisition, rehabilitation, renovation, development, or improvement of both residential and commercial properties.

We believe instead of banks and financial institutions, individual investors can make a huge difference and help keep capital flowing.

We Promote Freedom

We offer you the freedom and convenience to participate in an otherwise inaccessible asset class. You will benefit from making your own investment choices that suit your criteria. Partner with us to see the benefits of putting your earnings toward the priorities that matter most.

Why RCD Capital

Our business model focuses on providing a reliable and personalized borrowing experience for real estate investors that is delivered by our knowledgeable and courteous loan officers and well supported by our diverse product offerings. We disseminate information about our operations and proceedings to our investors regularly to keep them updated. As a real estate lender, we prioritize complete transparency, integrity, and honesty with all our collaborations.

Throughout these personalized and individualized interactions, RCD Capital works to earn our clients’ confidence and trust as a true financial partner that can help them achieve their real estate investment goals.

Our website contains vital information about our firm’s business for stockholders, investors, potential investors, and financial analysts.
We employ investor relations personnel who are charged with circulating and broadcasting operational information to our investors. Our professionals also address any related queries and resolve all matters swiftly.
Contact RCD Capital for all your questions, queries, and doubts. We are always willing to help you.