Hard Money

Hard Money loans are secured by Real Property. Hard Money Lenders are Private Investors that lend their own money. Interest rates are higher then traditional Mortgage loans due to higher risk assumed. Hard Money loans can range anywhere from 65% to 90% loan to value of the property value or purchase price of a property. RCD Capital can lend up 100% financing for the rehab cost of a fix and flip purchase. Contact RCD Capital to speak with a Hard Money Loan Specialist today at 800.369.7009

Acquisition Price
Renovation Budget
After Repair Value(ARV)
Advance As % Of Purchase
Turnaround Time(Close To Sale)
Interest Rate(Annually)
Points (Loan Origination Fee)
Real Estate Broker Fee (On Sale)
Mortage Broker Fee
Property Taxes
State, Recording, & Transfer Tax (%)
Total Project Cost
Net profit
Return on Project Cost
Purchase And Rehab Cost
Loan Amount
Loan To Deal Cost
Montly Interest Payment
Points Cost
Total Interest Cost
Real Eastate Broker Fee (Sale)
Mortage Broker Fee
Approx.Property Insurance
Approx.Title Insurance
State, Recording, Transfer Tax